What is p.o.E.M. Consulting Services?

P.O.E.M. Consulting Services is a consulting firm based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada that specializes in the Business Analysis and Project Management disciplines within the Information Technology sector.

What does P.o.e.m. Consulting Services have to Offer?

The services offered by P.O.E.M. Consulting Services include (but are not limited to):

  • IT Strategic Planning

  • Systems Analysis

  • Requirements Gathering

  • Scope of Work Research and Documentation

  • Systems Design

  • Plan and Estimate Tasks for Projects

  • Risk Analysis for Projects

  • Systems Testing

  • Financial Analysis (EX. ROI, NPV) for Projects

  • Quality Management Programs

  • Vendor/Provider Procurement

  • Vendor/Provider Communications

  • Internal/External Progress Communication

  • Training Curriculum Design

  • Systems Training

  • Website Design

When should I call P.o.e.m. Consulting Services?*

  • Do you have an IT related project that needs research and management but you currently have no time, IT department, or the employees with the related skills or experience to complete the project?

  • Do you want a review done to determine the effectiveness of your current quality management program?

  • Do you want a second opinion on how you’re using your information technology resources?

  • Do you want a contractor to assume a project based role to coordinate your resources, help to remove obstacles and deliver reports about progress?

  • Do you want assistance installing a Project Management Methodology?

  • Do you want to design a training curriculum for your organization’s processes?

  • Do you want training on a particular suite of products?

  • Do you want any formal documentation completed relating to your organization?

*If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, the answer to "when?" is "now!"